Snapp Conner PR Teams Up With XANT to Do Good for the Boy Scouts

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Cheryl Snapp Conner

The Utah council of the Boy Scouts of America, an organization rich in history and tradition, is getting help telling its stories in creative new ways as the Intermountain West’s most progressive PR agency teams up with XANT’s Do Good Foundation.

Inspired by’s model of corporate giving, XANT contributes 1 percent of its revenue, 1 percent of its employees’ time, and 1 percent of its products to the scouting program, and has encouraged other companies to do the same.

Snapp Conner PR is eager to help the Utah National Parks Council manage communications and raise the visibility and reputation of the organization.

The agency’s founder, Cheryl Snapp Conner, said, “The scouting program is a wonderful organization, and we have appreciated its many benefits for our sons and our families over the years.”

So, when XANT invited the agency to participate with the Do Good Foundation, its founders became interested on a new level and enthusiastically jumped onboard.

A. Cory Maloy heads up Snapp Conner’s efforts with the Boy Scouts.

In a world where a seemingly endless amount of information is accessible with the click of a mouse and most people are connected through social media and blogging, it is vitally important for an organization to maintain an online presence.

Snapp Conner PR hopes to keep the Boy Scouts of America thriving by doing just that and helping the world know what the organization is all about.

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