Tips for Inside Sales Success: Be Ready. Be Clean. Be Willing.

As I look at companies that are trying to improve their bottom line, I notice many things that can affect the performance of an inside sales team, a division, and the company as a whole. Perhaps the biggest, or at least a major component, is the attitude and preparation of their people from the executives to the custodial staff and everyone in between.

I recently listened to a speech from Thomas S. Monson, formerly a publishing and advertising executive with the Newspaper Agency Corporation and member of the Board of Directors of Key Bank. In it, he extolled the virtues of being ready, clean, and willing to render service and fulfill your duties at any moment.  The implications for business in general, as well as my personal role in sales and marketing, have caused me to ask:

So what does it mean to a businessman to be ready, clean, and willing?

Here are a few thoughts that may just strike a chord for those striving for success in their respective fields.

Ready = Prepared

Preparation is key to success. Benjamin Franklin once said, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. I have to agree. Prepare yourself in every way possible for success in your chosen field, and in life. Get an education and constantly be learning and developing through self study, training, and guidance from mentors. Being prepared puts you in position to perform and to succeed.

Clean = Clean Reputation

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. It’s important to be known as someone who learns from mistakes and rises above them. Integrity, work ethic, and drive are some of the most important aspects of a clean reputation. Be known as someone who lifts those around you and encourages the success of all associated with you.

Willing = Willing

Be willing to do what’s required of you. Sometimes you’ll have to build you’re own desk or stay an extra hour to finalize a contract. Be willing to perform when needed…and even when you’re not.

Be ready. Be clean. Be willing. Be successful!

Brian McFadyen is a Professional Services Account Executive at XANT. With a rich background in all things sales – Brian works to encourage all clients to become certified in the XANT products to ensure maximum productivity.

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