Today is Pi (Pie) Day! — Mmm, wish you were here!

William cutting pies on PI Day

Does your company celebrate random crazy things occasionally just for fun?

We do. We love holidays and parties so much that we’ve created a handy little guide of gifts you can give your salespeople.

This is an internal email that was sent today from one of our favorite employees who happens to be an incredible cook (and a mathematician) with a fun sense of humor!

To: Company

Subject: Pi Day Today!

As I’m sure all of you are aware, today is Pi Day!

To celebrate this most important holiday, the analytics team has made pies for the company. We’ll have them ready today, 3/14 at 1:59:26.5 PM just outside of the marketing offices. (The time is of course in recognition of pi = 3.14159265 … ).

There will be 20 pies – 4 different kinds:

  • Quadruple Berry
  • Lemon Raspberry
  • French Silk
  • Strawberry Banana Cream
The XANT Team Celebrating PI Day

The XANT Team Celebrating PI Day

There should be enough for everyone to have a slice of each kind. However, please initially only take 1 slice each of 2 different kinds. After an hour or so … let’s say after 3:14 PM … feel free to come back for seconds, thirds, etc until it’s gone.


(And go and do likewise!)

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