Top 25 Klout Scores at the Inside Sales Virtual Summit

Harnessing social media is a powerful way to draw attention to your industry, to reach out to potential clients and to generate conversation on important topics. But how can you know if your efforts are actually influencing other people?

Welcome to Klout.

Klout allows you to literally measure the influence you have on other people. At least in the world of social media. It works by asking users to connect their social media accounts to Klout. These networks (which include Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Wikipedia, and Instagram) are then entered into a Klout algorithm which measures data points.

How it Works

For Twitter, for instance, Klout would measure a user’s following count, follower count, and retweets. Klout also weighs the ratio of reactions to the amount of content shared. So, 100 retweets from 10 tweets is worth more than 100 retweets from 100 tweets.

Klout also considers how selective your audience is. The more a person likes and retweets your content, the less these interactions contribute to your score.

From this information, Klout generates a score between 1 to 100, which indicates the influence you have in your area of expertise. Klout operates on the principle that being active on social media is not the same as being influential which is why its algorithm measures meaningful interaction instead of just activity.

How relevant is Klout in the inside sales industry? It allows you to quickly identify the most influential thought leaders in the field and connect with them. In fact, Klout recently launched its Klout for Business, a unique set of tools that will help your business identify the most influential people in the industry.

To give you an idea of how all this works, we’ve collected the top 25 Klout scores of the inside sales professionals who will be participating in the upcoming Inside Sales Virtual Summit. If you didn’t want to come before, these top influencers and their scores should be able to win you over.

  1. Guy Kawasaki (88)
  2. Jeffrey Gitomer (69)
  3. Matt Heinz (68)
  4. Ken Krogue (68)
  5. Jon Miller (68)
  6. Lori Richardson (67)
  7. Jill Rowley (67)
  8. Josh James (66)
  9. Jill Konrath (66)
  10. Sam Richter (61)
  11. John Wall (64)
  12. Brandt Page (60)
  13. Aaron Ross (60)
  14. Kevin Gaither (59)
  15. Anneke Seley (59)
  16. Trish Bertuzzi (57)
  17. Tim Ash (56)
  18. Kurt Shaver (56)
  19. Mark Organ (54)
  20. Jamie Shanks (54)
  21. Richard Brasser (53)
  22. Atri Chatterjee (52)
  23. Steve Richard (52)
  24. Gary Ambrosino (51)
  25. Pete Gracey (51)

If you’re looking to increase your Klout score as these professionals have done, a great way to do so is to invite engagement with your content. Post relevant questions to encourage conversation on your accounts, or take polls on articles that others have shared.

And, of course, if you want to ask these individuals about their success, come to the Inside Sales Virtual Summit on June 20.

Any other suggestions for increasing your Klout score? Pumped about the Inside Sales Virtual Summit? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo Credit: suphakit73

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