XANT Employees Continue Tradition of Sending Gifts to Women’s Shelter

XANT employees in 2018 continued the tradition of sponsoring families in the Center for Women and Children in Crisis (CWCIC), by purchasing Christmas gifts for the women and children in the Center. Employees put on their Santa Claus hats and tried their best to respond to the requests of families in need at the shelter.

The Center for Women and Children in Crisis operates several programs, offering a safe place for survivors of domestic violence, allowing them and their children to find food, shelter and support for up to 30 days.

“We want to make sure that families living in the shelter for the Holidays experience the true joy of Christmas, even if their current situation is difficult. Having a support network is incredibly important for these vulnerable families, and we do our part to try and lift their spirits. No one should feel alone and abandoned during this time of year,” said Ryan Breneman, program manager for the XANT Do Good Program.

XANT employees received requests from the women’s shelter residents for necessities like clothes and shoes, as well as wish list items like gift cards, children’s toys and books. “We always do our best to match the gifts exactly to the requests, to make sure that everyone gets what they want and need for Christmas, and not just a random donation. One of our employees even sponsored a child’s gymnastics classes and equipment for a full year,” added Ryan.

The gifts are being distributed to residents of the women’s shelter the week before Christmas.

About the Do Good Program

Donations for the women’s shelter are part of XANT’s Do Good charitable program, an initiative created by CEO Dave Elkington to help the most vulnerable members of society and give back to the community.

The program includes initiatives such as Kids Code, a program to offer children in Utah schools free programming classes, and Girls Code, a similar program for teaching young girls the fundamentals of computer science.

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