5 Webinars to Help Your Inside Sales Department

Are you looking for a good webinar to help your sales team? Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to sell on social media networks or are looking at hiring a new inside sales executive. Whatever it is you’re trying to do to improve and build your inside sales team, this blog will hopefully point you in the right direction.

Over the past year, Ken Krogue with several other industry professionals have presented webinars that could really help develop your inside sales department. Below we have compiled the five most helpful.

5 Webinars for Every Inside Sales Professional:

2013 Sales – HubSpot and XANT Internal Secrets
HubSpot and XANT joined forces to tackle what sales will mean in 2013 and it came down to this – they revealed their internal secrets to exponential growth. If you want to discover HubSpot’s top-secret cutting-edge inbound marketing tactics for lead generations or XANT’s keys to building an awesome high velocity sales team, then tune into “2013 Sales – HubSpot and XANT Internal Secrets.”

Selling at the Speed of Social
Is how to use social media in the B2B market stumping you? Then tune in and listen to Ken Krogue, President and co-founder of XANT, and Adam Honig, CEO of Innoveer Solutions, discuss social selling. Learn how to capture and analyze social data to market and sell better than before. When you integrate social and customer facing technologies to better gain intelligence, you can see how the leverage and new opportunities social media will give you. View the webinar here.

Attract and Evaluate the Ultimate Inside Sales Executive
Trish Bertuzzi, President and Chief Strategist of The Bridge Group, and Ken Krogue brought their knowledge to the table to discuss how to attract and evaluate an executive to run your inside sales department. Are you wondering how to find, recruit and onboard a leader for your sales reps? Maybe you just need some research, tips and best practices to grow a leader who already works for you. Either way, this recorded webinar holds some gems when it comes to hiring or promoting the next great leader in your company. Watch the webinar, “Attract and Evaluate the Ultimate Inside Sales Executive,” here.

Gamification: Using Game Mechanics to win the Game of Work
Charles Coonradt, author of “The Game of Work”, and Ken Krogue sat down together and came up with this insightful webinar. Take some time to learn how to motivate reps and crush sales quotas with the wisdom these two have gathered in the business. Learn how to sell more while boosting team morale and increase the frequency of feedback to improve quality performance. Find out how World of Warcraft, Mario Brothers and the Wii can teach you how to get your sales reps to sell more. Watch our sales gamification webinar, here.

42 LinkedIn Inside Sales Tips
Who doesn’t want tips on LinkedIn? It’s the ultimate B2B social media resource for sales intelligence information. Jamie Shanks, managing partner at Sales for Life, and Ken Krogue did a webinar together and these 42 tips were put out in the open for anyone to take advantage of. Learn how to out-pull traditional phone and email by as much as seven to one. Included in the 42 tips are 11 tactical steps for driving business and 31 tips to increase B2B prospecting efforts with LinkedIn.

What type of webinars would you like to be done and with whom? Make sure to leave comments below and any suggestions you might have.

HubSpot and InsideSales Webinar

Webinar: 2013 Sales – Adapt or Die HubSpot and XANT Reveal Internal Secrets to Exponential Growth

Learn the internal secrets of HubSpot and XANT.

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