XANT Awarded Patent as Pioneer of Immediate Response Technology

Provo, UT – January 24, 2012 – XANT announced today that the United States Patent Office has issued a patent protecting the ability to detect online activity and contact the user in conjunction with a preferred or optimal response plan. Research using technology invented by XANT was first announced in October 2007 at the MarketingSherpa Business to Business Demand Summit in Boston and demonstrated the importance of responding immediately to internet-based inquiries. Additional research announced at the same conference by XANT and FranklinCovey also illustrated how optimal response plans may yield higher results by responding one day later. The original research quoted with the patent showed that responding to web-based leads “’As soon as possible’ (ASAP) may be specified. For one offering, a contact time within 5 minutes of reception … was found to offer superior results.” Leads responded to within 5 minutes were found to be 100 times more likely to be contacted than waiting even 30 minutes. These same leads were found to be 21 times more likely to be qualified within the same time frame. This same mode of research was expanded upon in 2010 by Harvard Business Review and again cited recently by Inc. Magazine and literally hundreds of blogs in the online web marketing and sales automation space. Subsequent corporate research in over 10 studies among nearly 10,000 companies has found that the average company takes over 46 hours to respond to a lead and the average sales rep only makes 1.1 call attempts to make contact before giving up.

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“We have been amazed that over 70,000 companies have accessed that original research and an entire industry (lead response management) has sprung up as a result,” says Dave Elkington, CEO of XANT. “The impact of responding to leads immediately, optimally, and persistently is being proven out as a new frontier of productivity enhancement to companies who sell and market over the internet.” With roughly only 27% of web-generated leads ever getting contacted due to poor lead response practices, best practices used by XANT internal teams and select clients have shown that 92% contacted rates are entirely possible on a day-to-day basis using technologies and techniques now protected in this patent. About XANT XANT was the first company to embed dialer telephony into hosted CRM solutions and is the pioneer of immediate and lead response management technologies. Recently XANT has begun an evolution into a sales communication platform with forthcoming announcements in the area of social media prospecting technology. Its flagship product is the award-winning PowerDialer for Salesforce 4.0 platform which integrates within Salesforce.com and is one of the top apps on the AppExchange.

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