Dreamforce 2017: #Playmakers Are Everywhere

Dreamforce has come to pass, and there has been one major takeaway from this fabulous event. AI has become a buzzword in almost every industry, however it’s not 100% clear what its applications are in the real world. Sales reps are interested in what Artificial Intelligence can do for them and how it can help in their profession. How it can help them get through to more customers and close more deals.

How Can AI Help Me Grow My Revenue?

There’s a lot of discussion around machine learning models, and certainly the discussion gets technical. However, the application of AI to real-world sales is what really matters. This was evident in the conversations we had with every sales rep at our booth. The main question that we heard was: “What can AI do for me? How can it help me grow my revenue?”.

People want to see more AI. It’s that simple. Artificial Intelligence is what drew people to our booth, and talking to our Artificial Intelligence capabilities was the key to getting people to stay. –Katie Gantt, Social Media Manager

With all the noise around the company, there was a sleuth of companies at Dreamforce who were touting Artificial Intelligence. Few people though could understand how it works, and what really matters for an AI to increase sales significantly.

The Importance of Data to AI

The data behind the machine learning engine is what really matters to improve its functionality.  With ten billion points of cross-company transactional data analyzed by Neuralytics, the XANT AI engine is the only engine which allows 80% accuracy on pipeline predictions and a 30% lift in revenue. And sales reps and leaders were aware that the old way of doing sales, using only the data in your CRM, is no longer enough to reach targets. Users are more empowered than ever to search and educate themselves about the solutions they need.

We had a lot of people talking to us who already knew who we were and how we could help. You often hear the statistic that 80% of people in the buying process have already done their research—and it was cool to see that come to life. People already knew who we were––we were really just there to help answer their questions,” Scott Mark, Field Marketing Specialist.

XANT Dreamforce Demos

It was a stunning sales conference, and we look forward to participating next year as well. We feel that the public has reached a maturity where they know what they are looking for, they know that Artificial Intelligence can truly help them grow their sales, and they know that XANT can provide that for them.

 “Instead of the constant barrage of sales people bombarding attendees with free stuff that they would end up throwing away later, XANT’s booth had a quite confidence about it that invited trailblazers in to learn more, see a Playbooks demo and watch a customer testimonial from companies like CenturyLink, Infor and Docusign,” said Derek Boggs, Demand Generation Manager.

We were happy to see so many sales professionals are interested in how data and science can really help them in their profession.

We saw that, truly, #Playmakers are everywhere, and they are looking to win the sales game with smart systems, with Artificial Intelligence-powered systems.

Until next year!

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