Playmakers Contest: Vote for The Best Sales Pitch At Dreamforce

Mastering the elevator pitch is an absolute must for any sales professional. XANT is giving away prizes for the company with the best sales pitch at the Dreamforce sales conference. You can see 16 of the sales pitches on the conference floor and vote for your favorite pitch.

The sales pitch is the two-minute presentation (maximum) that shows who you are, what you do, who you do it for.

And it can make or break your sale.

Because if you can’t really explain your business in a simple and short pitch, how will you explain it to your customer?

We took to the booths at the Dreamforce conference to see how sales reps pitch their business. We came away with sixteen sales pitches, among which heavy-weights like: Dell, Cisco, G2Crowd, Vidyard and Xactly.

You’re welcome to watch these sales professionals pitch and vote for your favorite video.

Winners and prizes will be announced on the #Playmakers Facebook sales community.

What Makes a Good Sales Pitch

Sales Pitch Structure: The elevator pitch is a short presentation that explains your business, what problem it solves and for whom. Traditionally, these are two-minute long presentations – for the times when you have the opportunity to be in an elevator with a decision-maker or potential customer.

However, given we’ve all lost some of our patience due to digital communications, we’ve chosen to show only one minute videos.

The first and foremost tip for an effective sales pitch is to keep it simple, and make sure you’ve got down the basics:

  • The people – who is your product or service for?
  • The problem – What problem is your product solving?
  • The solution – How are you solving this problem?
  • The success – What does success look like for your customer?

There will always be other variables to consider. In certain niche industries, with complex products and a sleuth of competitors, things might get hairy when building your sales pitch.

However, if you don’t have the answer to these four questions, you might find yourself in the weeds and lose your customer’s attention before you even mention your brand’s name.

Do’s and Dont’s for Your Sales Pitch

Keeping it Short: It’s called the ‘elevator pitch’ because you should be able to give it in the time it takes you to ride the elevator with your boss or other important

Be Interactive: Many effective sales pitches include interactive elements. Offer your product up close for your audience to view, touch or try out. Being able to ‘show and tell’, rather than just ‘tell’ goes a long way, so if it’s possible to keep a sample in your pocket, or have a short video to sample on your phone – do it.


Always be Prepared for the Follow-up: There are bound to be objections to your pitch, no matter how good it is. People will want to know what they get for their money, and that’s absolutely natural. Whether it’s competition, pricing or delivery concerns, you need to have all the details ironed out. 

Mind the Competition: I’ve seen many professionals with years experience stumble and fall when having to explain their brand differentiator. It’s such an important part of the conversation, especially if we are dealing with multiple competitors and complex products or industries.

Tip: You don’t have to wait for your prospect to ask about the differentiator. You can lead with it. It’s something I have seen more and more, with companies who are competing in a crowded space.

Vote for the Best Dreamforce Sales Pitch

Hope you come away with interesting thoughts after watching our Dreamforce videos. Some of these professionals have been in the business for years, so watch the videos, vote for your favorite one, and comment on the #Playmakers group what you found most intriguing.

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