These Were The Best Sales Pitches We Heard at Dreamforce

This year, at the Dreamforce sales conference, we collected 15 pitches from some of the companies exhibiting and submitted them to public scrutiny. The results are in: Brightfunnels, Conga and Vidyard were the companies voted the best sales pitch at the Dreamforce conference this year.

The Elevator Pitch

We had a good round-up of sales pitches at Dreamforce, mostly for selling software products or services. And while we had a one-minute maximum time for presenting the sales pitch in this contest, we saw there was one thing that the best sales reps had in common. They were extremely efficient with their time.

None of the top five sales reps voted in our contest went over 35 seconds with their pitch!

In fact, our top two winners, Brightfunnels and Conga, were able to talk us in about their business in 19 seconds, respectively 9 seconds!

Nine seconds for a sales pitch is not bad, given that most companies – especially technology companies – have a problem with keeping it short and simple when it comes to their vision, mission and values.

There’s a simple formula for creating your pitch, the author Donald Miller sums them up – use these and you can’t go wrong:

  1. Character
  2. Problem
  3. Plan
  4. Success

Keeping it Simple With Your Sales Pitch

XANT is a technology company, so we know sometimes it’s a struggle to communicate clearly and in a succinct manner – some complex and abstract notions about machine learning or algorithms.

Although awareness when it comes to tech systems is growing, this sort of language isn’t always meaningful to your average client.

They need to know how your product or service helps them solve a problem they have.

So, here’s our own sales pitch:

XANT helps salespeople reach their quota by using science and technology.

Mastering your sales pitch is essential for any sales professional, but it is also a useful skill for any employee of a company.

“Great leaders do this. They make sure everybody from the CEO to the guy mowing the lawn knows how to explain what the company does in under 60 seconds,” showed Gabe Larsen, VP of InsideSales Labs.

Top Sales Pitches at Dreamforce

Here’s our top 5 sales pitches at Dreamforce, based on the number of five star votes they received in our contest.


“Brightfunnels is a marketing attribution platform designed to help marketers understand the true value of their marketing touches and their impact on the revenue and buyer’s journey.”


“We are a suite of intelligent automation solutions for Salesforce, for everything from data, documents, to reporting.”


“We are a B2B video platform for businesses, we change the way organizations communicate their video content through on-boarding, training and knowledge sharing as well as externally through sales, marketing and customer support. We can show the ROI of your video marketing initiatives by tracking who watches your videos and for how long so that you can justify the spend on those videos.”



“We automate and streamline the commission process for sales organizations. For a lot of companies, that means getting you off an Excel spreadsheet or a home-grown cumbersome system. The Xactly advantage is that we’ve been in the cloud since 2005. He have been able to anonymize all of our customer’s data to allow you to leverage different data points when making your decision.”



“G2Crowd is the user voice platform for people to accurately say what they think about software and not be told by analysts or people who don’t use it, or get a reference from the best customer. They actually hear it directly from the user and engage with people who actually use the product.”



This has been a fun exercise, and we are looking forward to re-do this contest again with other contenders. Until then, let us in the comments what your strategies are for creating the perfect sales pitch!

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