Dreamforce Day 1 – Who’s Going to be Real?

Sitting at our booth at Dreamforce, I’m always amazed at the energy these big conferences bring. It’s a testament to me of the power of human creativity, how we as people are at our best, our most noble, when we are in the act of creation—from steel and silicon to words and ideas.

We are a race of builders. We weren’t meant to sit around and wait for society to create itself. We make it ourselves, in our images.

I don’t know why I’m bringing this up at this very moment, sitting in this rock-hard plastic chair, the noise of a crowd echoing—but it’s the truth. Building something, sustaining something is the point of who and what we are.

I guess I bring this up because marketing, particularly direct marketing, too often settles for something less. We talk about tapping in to customer needs, organizing our efforts around creating real customer value, but end up simply selling the “thing,” not what makes the thing valuable.

Over the next four days, I’m interested to see who’s going to be giving out real, valuable information and insight, and who’s going to be giving out thinly-veiled promotional pitches.

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