XANT Announces PowerDialer for Salesforce 3.0 at Dreamforce 2010

December 6th, 2010 – San Francisco, CA – XANT, the leader in productivity software for inside sales professionals, today announced the version 3.0 release of the award-winning PowerDialer for Salesforce product. This announcement was made from the floor of Dreamforce 2010, the Cloud Computing Event of the Year presented by salesforce.com at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

“I am very excited about our version 3.0 release of PowerDialer for Salesforce. With this release, we bring the enhanced usability, full feature set and increased flexibility to our Salesforce.com Customers that our flagship solution PowerDialer for XANT provides,” explains David Elkington, XANT CEO. “This upgrade includes our research-based intelligent calling solution that has brought a two to four times increase in calling productivity to countless customers.”

This next generation of the PowerDialer solution has been in development and research for over a year and was completed in collaboration with existing customers, prospects and research universities. Some of the new system capabilities included predictive analytics, dynamic queuing, workflow automation systems, multi-media sales lead nurturing, advanced call reporting and IVR and ACD inbound/outbound call blending.

Among the most exciting new features is the full integration of the immediate response technology and dynamic dialer initiatives that makes up the features already available in the PowerDialer by XANT product. This feature predicts who to call and when to call to dramatically increase sales. One large national customer, Pinnacle Security, tripled sales versus a traditional predictive dialer in the first month of use.

In addition to the predictive analytics and sales intelligence, comes the equally exciting ELF (electronic labor force) technology that allows salesforce.com users to nurture leads during the sales process in multiple media and automate ongoing marketing communications driven by the dialing follow-up process.

About XANT

As the first dialer technology built especially for Business to Business (B2B) sales professionals, and embedded within several popular CRM solutions, XANT has become the de-facto leader in productivity solutions for inside sales and outbound call centers targeting higher-end, more complex product sales.

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