Dreamforce Sales Secrets: How to Make It All About Your Customers

Dreamforce TipsSalesforce.com has mastered the art of telling its own story through the words of its most successful customers. Modern sales and marketing teams can gain valuable insights by studying its insanely effective approach.

The Dreamforce 2013 YouTube channel showcases a series of amazing customer success stories. We’ve embedded a few here, with key takeaways from each.

Watch them to see how some of the nation’s most progressive companies use Salesforce to sell smarter — and pick up a few tricks you can use to make your own messages more compelling.

Alignment is key

In this four-minute video, CareerBuilder.com’s executives reveal how they use Salesforce and ExactTarget to deliver relevant information to job seekers faster than ever before. CEO Matt Ferguson explains that his company realized it could use its data to make the job search more efficient.

CareerBuilder says it uses the ExactTarget marketing cloud to run hundreds, if not thousands, of hyper-targeted email marketing programs at any given time.

See what Salesforce has done here?

CareerBuilder is more than happy to help Salesforce tell its story because the two companies’ stories are so tightly aligned. CareerBuilder is improving its customers’ lives with real-time access to relevant data, and so is Salesforce. Bada boom, bada bing.

Small details matter

ADP’s Dan Page recalls on camera how the reps in one of the company’s business units used to drive around with printed lists and a bunch of brochures in the trunk. ADP decided to use the Salesforce1 mobile platform to revolutionize the way its reps sell.

ADP has built an entire suite of custom mobile applications on Salesforce1. It has reduced paperwork and accelerated the sales process. Now reps can do a quick demo with a client and get that client’s signature in the same meeting — all on their iPads.

As you watch this video, pay special attention to the small details, including the music, scenery and crisp hand movements people use as they interact with their mobile devices. Everything about it screams “mobile sales force” and “speed to market.” The woman you see riding the subway with her smartphone is NOT playing Candy Crush, people. She’s taking care of customers.

Diversity is good

Salesforce could probably produce hundreds of highly compelling case studies about how its groundbreaking solutions have helped digital companies like CareerBuilder. But the Salesforce story is so much bigger than that.

That’s why I was delighted to see Stanley Black and Decker’s JoAnna Sohovich spotlighted among the Dreamforce success stories. Her company sells hand tools that significantly predate the Internet.

And yet, Stanley Black and Decker is still investing in innovative technologies to serve its customers faster and more efficiently, including the Salesforce Service Cloud. This video illustrates how all companies — regardless of industry — can transform the way they do business.

See how XANT accelerates sales through science.

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