12 Revealing Questions Successful Executives Must Ask Themselves

What makes a successful executive? There are a lot of ways you can answer that. For me that’s asking 12 revealing questions that any executive should ask if they are wondering about their effectiveness.

Below are a summary of the questions that every executive should ask from my latest article:

  1. Are you still relevant? How is your company doing? Is it experiencing a growth trend or going the other way?
  2. What is your why? Do you know the purpose for what you are doing?
  3. Are you leading or managing? So, are you a leader or a manager?
  4. Are you great, or just good? What level or excellence have you accomplished?
  5. Are you taking care of your people? They are, after all, more important than your customer. Keep them taken care of, they are your success.
  6. Are you growing your people? What type of training opportunities are you providing for your company?
  7. Is your team aligned? Make sure they are pointed in the right direction.
  8. Have you listened to your customers today? Find out what they want and deliver.
  9. How likely are your customers to refer others? Have you asked Fred Reichheld’s “Ultimate Question?“ On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are your customers to refer your company to their friends and industry colleagues?”
  10. Do you have enough quality leads? Are you following ANUM?
  11. Do you have enough sales people? Once you have the quality leads ask yourself this one.
  12. Are you learning from mistakes? Are you learning from or repeating your mistakes?

For a more detailed article providing further examples , read the article on here:

12 Revealing Questions Successful Executives Must Ask Themselves

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