Inside Sales Tips – 5 Most Popular Articles for Inside Sales Professionals

Every few months, The Sales Insider likes to take a look back and review some of the most popular articles. Not only does this help to know what other professionals out in the industry are interested in – but it also shows what professionals are struggling with most to implement.

Back in October, we published, “The Top 5 Most Popular Sales Insider Articles for Inside Sales Professionals.” It was so successful we decided to do it again with the top articles published since.

So, here they are. The most interactive and helpful Insider articles for inside sales professionals from the past two-and-a-half months.

1. The Top 5 Voicemail Mistakes for Inside Sales Reps to Avoid
by Jessica Winn

For those in sales reps, you know that voicemail can be a curse or a blessing. Few sales reps realize that voicemail increases contact ratios by 3 to 22 percent (email is just 10 percent of that…) We did some research and compiled the five biggest mistakes sales reps are making when it comes to voicemail in one article.

2. How to Create Top Selling Sales Reps – Ask the Tough Questions
by Louie Bernstein

Louie Bernstein is a client of XANT and the Chief Sales Officer for Izenda. As an entrepreneur and award winning salesman, he offers some excellent advice for those in the inside sales industry. In this article, Louie discusses best practices in asking the tough questions even though they may make the conversation “uncomfortable.”

3. The #1 Way to Increase Sales Revenue – Sales Reps Take Note
by Warren Reeder

As our conversion marketing expert, Warren’s article is written for the perspective of a marketer talking to sales professionals. As marketing works so hard for leads, it’s the obligation of the sales team to contact those leads while they are still hot. The longer sales waits to contact leads, the lower the contact and qualification rates will be. So, be a sales hero and take action on generated leads with your PowerDialer and sales automation.

4. How to Increase Sales Results and Contact Ratios through Social Selling
by Alex Orton

Social selling is a huge trend right now in sales and marketing. And, from what we can tell, it isn’t going anywhere. In this article, the dominant social media platforms in the space are discussed in terms of their pros and cons. Take a look at the article and see which platforms might be best for you and your target audience. The important take away? Don’t be scared of social media – embrace it and use it as a tool to drive leads.

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5. Inside Sales Tip: How to Increase Lead Generation through ‘Sniper Marketing’
by Stephen Mastin

As sales and marketing become more aligned, it’s important that sales people take some tips from their marketing cousins. In this article, Steve discusses best practices to increase lead generation through something he calls “Sniper Marketing.” Take a look at this article to see how to “aim the scope” and target your best leads.

What are your thoughts? Did you miss one of your favorite articles you’ve found to be helpful? Let us know in the comment box below.

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