XANT Heads to The Hobbit

XANT Pre-Release of The HobbitXANT closed an hour early yesterday to celebrate the success of a record year and headed over to the local theater for an early showing of The Hobbit.

Two weeks ago our CEO, Dave Elkington, sent out a company email congratulating the company for a great month and year. As a surprise he added a Christmas gift of renting the entire theater for all employees and a guest.

We really have a “Work Hard, Play Hard” mentality at XANT and this proves it. Employees were very excited to get out of the office and celebrate their hard-work.

“The fact that we went to a pre-release of the movie really made the whole experience,” said Ryan Nowicki, Product Specialist. “It was a really great movie.”

Additionally, Brian Parrott, Junior Project Manager at XANT, really enjoyed the activity because it allowed him to get to know his co-workers in a more social environment.

“I really enjoyed being at the screening with everyone,” he said. “XANT hires really great people that you wouldn’t mind spending time with outside of the office. It was fun to get to meet friends and family of coworkers.”

Over the past year, XANT has more than doubled the number of employees working for the company. The fact that the entire theater was filled to capacity was something everyone was also really excited about.

Here are some of our employees at the theater and before:

XANT employees enjoying some pre-Hobbit festivities!

Demonstrating our “Work Hard, Play Hard” culture in the sales department.

XANT fills the theater

Ken Krogue standing in front of a full theater of XANT employees!

We had a really great time! A big thanks to Dave Elkington, our CEO, for treating his employees and for everyone who worked hard to put this together. We really appreciate it.

If you’re interested in joining the XANT team, visit the XANT career page at XANT/careers to view open positions.

Photo Credit: ComingSoon.net

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