Rebrands as XANT

Originally posted on Destination CRM today changed its corporate identity to XANT, a play on the word cognizant, which the company says embodies how its data and platform makes sales organizations “all-knowing.”

Along with the rebrand, XANT is expanding its recently introduced Revenue Acceleration Cloud beyond sales to marketing and account management teams. The Revenue Acceleration Cloud enables teams to build closeable pipeline and expand customer revenue.

“XANT is changing how B2B enterprises buy and sell to each other, and our former brand did not capture that,” said Chris Harrington, CEO of XANT, in a statement. “No group has benefited more from the continued proliferation of data and digital access than buyers. Think about how much a buyer knows about a company they are considering buying from before they ever talk to a sales rep? How does a sales professional adapt in this world? XANT will do for sales what Waze did for navigation by using collective user experiences to improve sales interactions. We will continue to build on the company’s unparalleled data insights that help reps build closable pipeline and engage customers in ways that AI and CRM alone cannot.”


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