InsideSales Rebrands to XANT

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Up and to the right- always.

This is a quote that takes Chris Harrington to the next level. As CEO of XANT, formerly known as InsideSales, Harrington announced the rebrand and new direction of the company, with a new leadership team at the helm.

A play on the word “cognizant”, XANT’s Revenue Acceleration Cloud™ uses AI powered by Real Data™ to let the sales organization know as much as possible. “It’s not just a clever name- if you look at what our technology does, it’s always out there working for you,” said CEO Chris Harrington. “Overnight, our system is finding information. We’re always on, we’re always aware.”

By gathering data and translating it into usable information, sales teams are able to maximize their efforts, which saves everyone time and money. Because so much of a buyer’s data consumption is done before they even talk to a sales rep, Xant can prepare that rep to know the right approach for their buyer.

Founded in 2004, InsideSales has had a solid base in Utah. As the market has continued to change and evolve, InsideSales saw the need to stay ahead of the curve with innovative, intelligent sales solutions. With the change to XANT, the basic mission stays the same: “Guide teams to focus on the right things, optimize engagement and improve visibility”. However, it will also have more options for marketing and account management teams.

XANT welcomes a few new faces to the team, with the addition of a new CMO, CFO, CCO, and more. These changes will continue to improve upon the legacy left by InsideSales. Harrison is optimistic and excited about the business climate in Silicon Slopes, “We love what we’re doing here collectively. We’re working to change the face of Utah and we appreciate being a part of this community.”

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