XANT Announces ResponseAudit™ to Monitor Web Lead Response Times

SILICON SLOPES, Utah – May 28, 2014 – XANT, the leading cloud-based sales acceleration technology company, today announced the release of ResponseAudit, which informs sales organizations about how well their teams work web leads. ResponseAudit is available immediately with packages starting as low as $500 per month per company. The demand for this type of service has grown exponentially during the past five years as large enterprise sales teams grapple with poor visibility and inadequate standards for how fast their reps respond to Internet leads and how often they follow up with those leads. “Most executives have no idea how much money they’re wasting on leads that don’t receive proper follow-up,” said Ken Krogue, XANT president and founder. “XANT research shows that a web lead is 100 times more likely to be contacted and 21 times more likely to enter the sales cycle if you call within five minutes. But most companies don’t call within five minutes — or anything close to that. It’s like taking all of that money you spend on marketing and setting it on fire.” Most companies fail to cross the finish line with their highly valuable web leads. They hire a great sales team, spend money on marketing, and build a website designed to convert. But ultimately, they fail to follow up and turn their leads into paying customers. Overall, 47 percent of companies don’t respond to their leads at all, according to XANT research. The rest take an average of 42 hours to make the first phone call and only average 1.1 calls before giving up on the lead. Many respond only by email, generating poor results compared with companies that respond by both email and phone. ResponseAudit submits web leads via online forms and tracks response times, response frequency and other key metrics. The result is a detailed report that reveals blind spots in an organization’s sales processes and provides actionable steps for immediate improvement. ResponseAudit operates on patent-pending XANT technology. The process begins with a “secret shopper” who creates an alias name, email, phone number and company website. Next, this “shopper” visits a website, locates a web form, fills it out using the alias information, and submits it. As the company responds to the lead, the ResponseAudit system then records all call attempts, email messages, and timestamps for when each response is received during the following two-week period. “ResponseAudit is like those little pink tablets that show kids the spots they are missing when they brush their teeth,” said Mick Hollison, chief marketing officer at XANT. “It clearly highlights areas for improvement you could never find on your own. But ResponseAudit doesn’t just prevent disaster; it accelerates your sales as you fine-tune your process with actionable insights.” To get a complimentary ResponseAudit report, simply visit responseindicator.com.

About XANT, Inc.

XANT offers cloud-based sales acceleration technology. The company provides the sales industry’s first comprehensive sales acceleration platform that creates high-performance sales teams with breakthrough technology including communications for immediate response, gamification for sales motivation, predictive analytics for lead prioritization, and data visualization for an immersive experience with sales data. The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) has recognized XANT as the SaaS provider of the year for four consecutive years. The company has been listed among the fastest growing companies by Inc. and Deloitte and as one of the top 100 private companies by AlwaysOn. XANT ranks No. 5 in the nation for jobs created in the software industry and No. 72 in the nation for jobs created in all industries by Inc. XANT has published leading research in the Harvard Business Review and Forbes. The company has been issued or allowed 8 U.S. patents and has 11 patents pending, with several focused on the areas of predictive analytics and machine learning. XANT enterprise customers include Fidelity, Microsoft, Groupon, McGraw-Hill, Marketo and more. To try the technology, visit XANT.

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