New Research Shows Growth of 800,000 Jobs over Next Three Years in Inside Sales

XANT and infoUSA Collaborate on New Study with Dr. James Oldroyd of SungKyunKwan University and release results at Sales 2.0 Conference in Boston.

Provo, Utah – May 26, 2009 – XANT announced release of new research by Dr. James Oldroyd of SKK University that it sponsored on the growth of inside sales and remote selling practices at Sales 2.0 Conference in Boston on May 21st, 2009.

The survey also addressed adoption levels of technologies used in selling remotely as well as the increasing amount of time spent by both Inside Sales and Outside Sales people selling over the phone or through the web versus the traditional style of face-to-face sales practices.

In addition to the survey done on remote selling practices, Dr. Oldroyd also released important follow–up research with his second study on Lead Response Management (LRM), centered on the dramatic effects gained by immediately responding to web-based leads with new emphasis on how combining phone and email responses work best.

Dr. Oldroyd was the lead researcher on a research study that was released in October of 2007 at the MarketingSherpa Business–to–Business Demand Generation Summit 2007 that originally coined the phrase ‘Lead Response Management’ and was the first to answer the question “How Fast a Web-based Lead Cools Off”.

“For the last four years the remote selling trend has grown,” said Dave Elkington, CEO of, the primary sponsor of the research. “Remote selling offers cost savings and time efficiencies that make it the method of choice for many companies. In addition, business is going green by cutting the carbon footprint from unnecessary travel. We are finding that buyers are increasingly asking for a remote web demonstration rather than a face-to-face sales call to save time. Add to that the lifestyle enhancements of a sales force that does not have to be on the road all the time and you have some compelling reasons behind this remote sales trend.”

Because of the vast amounts of data required for a study of this scope, infoUSA, a division of infoGROUP, agreed to collaborate with access to their business database. infoGROUP is the nation’s leading compiler of business and consumer information.

“infoUSA is pleased to participate on this original research study with SKKU and XANT to determine the extent to which remote selling practices are being used throughout the US,” says Bill Hippen, President of the infoUSA Reseller Division, provider of the database for this survey. “We believe this research will bring to light a trend that has been growing for quite a while because of new techniques and technologies available through the Internet. We are excited to be a provider of data and information that is being used to fuel a big part of the growth in remote selling industries.”

“Our primary purpose for this research is to determine the scope of companies moving towards remote sales versus the traditional face-to-face process,” said Dr. James Oldroyd. “Initial findings demonstrate a tremendous growth within inside sales and lead generation practices over the phone. The role of those involved in outside sales is also migrating to more web and phone-based sales practices and this research is designed to find out just how much change hasoccurred.”

More details of this research is available at and

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