Organizing to Compete in an Era of Disruption

Sales organization structure and finding the right sales technology are difficult in an era where markets are being disrupted at rapid pace. Sales leaders need to find the right balance of incentives, sales automation and process change to make sure their teams succeed and meet customer’s ever increasing expectations.

Fast-forward to Digital Sales Transformation

Vernon Irvin, president of government, medium and small business markets at CenturyLink was in charge of changing a billion-dollar mega corp and moving through a digital sales transformation. Watch his session at the Sales Leadership Conference hosted by XANT to see why companies need to evolve fast and how technology fits into the process.

“Customers know what good looks like,” said Vernon, during the conference.

The digital environment has made it easy for companies to follow successful production and delivery models such as those of While this is forcing companies to be more customer-centric than ever, it’s also led to an incredibly competitive economy, where only the nimble survive.

Watch the Sales Leadership Conference:

Watch Vernon Irvin of CenturyLink at the Sales Leadership Conference to learn:

  • How to lead change in a billion-dollar company
  • How to ensure digital transformation happens quickly, despite legacy systems
  • What you need to know before picking an sales AI software and sales-related technology– and how to scale the organization sustainably using AI sales automation

The Sales Leadership Conference hosted is the only online event where leaders can learn what’s working today for business growth — from peers at Fortune 500 companies.

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