The XANT Solution: It’s Not All About the Technology

When companies look for a solution to improve their sales revenue, they often look to technology.  However, it takes more than technology to drive exponential growth.

XANT provides the best lead management and dialer technology available today.  The technology provides increased efficiency, high visibility, and exponential output.  Companies using any combination of the XANT technology are experiencing a 5x increase in results … sometimes more.  How can you not with amazing products like PowerDialer, LocalPresence, and PowerStandings?

As I survey the sales floor at XANT, I hear the constant buzz of 22 business development reps, and close to 40 sales reps answering questions and sharing demos of this phenomenal technology.  It is a major reason for our huge growth.  We’ve more than doubled in size since this time last year and expect to double again by the end of 2013.

Yes, XANT technology is unmatched in the marketplace.  But, what many don’t see, or sometimes don’t understand, is that XANT is a full sales solution that includes training and consulting for organizations who want to transform the productivity and professionalism of their sales teams.

The software enables sales organizations to adhere to best practices that drive contact rates, qualification rates, and sales revenue.  These best practices are derived from extensive research spanning many years, thousands of companies and billions of sales data points.

Certification Training

Training and consulting is provided as a way for clients and other organizations to master the research and best practices. It helps companies take the 5x gains derived from the software and increase it another 8x. I’ve never met a CEO or VP of Sales who didn’t want to see a 13x improvement in the results they get — no matter how good they already are.

The Certified InsideSales System Administrator (CISA – I) certification provides full knowledge and expertise on the technology and how the best practices are served by it.

The Certified InsideSales Operations (CISO) certification provides the research, models, and strategies to drive exponential sales in any sales team.

Information on these programs can be found at


XANT takes its industry-leading research and best practices and combines it with technology to help organizations build, improve, or save their sales organizations.  Through a process of analysis, design, implementation and evaluation, we have helped many organizations accelerate sales and exceed revenue goals.


Really, any organization that purports to help improve your sales team has to provide you an entire solution.  Without the research, best practices, and the technology to incorporate them, you are missing the opportunity to improve your sales results EXPONENTIALLY!

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