Top 40 Mega-Dealer Jim Click Automotive Group Dramatically Increases Sales with New Approach to Car Sales in a Down Economy

Provo, Utah – May 20, 2008 – XANT, the leader in Lead Response Management (LRM) solutions, today announced the completion of a year-long case study with Jim Click Automotive Group in Tucson, Arizona, and Orange County, California who recently ranked number # 40 in the Wards Top 100 Mega-Dealers throughout the United States.

The study highlighted a three step process pioneered by Jim Click that does the following:

  1. Captures contact information from each walk-in, call-in, and Web inquiry and responds using customer service reps instead of salespeople, then invites people in to the dealership.
  2. Uses inbound and outbound call center technology to guarantee that every inbound call is answered immediately and Web leads are responded to in less than five minutes.
  3. The team of service reps uses dialer technology to call out and proactively invite over 2000 people every day to come in to the Jim Click dealerships.

“We looked for a solution that combined the data management of a CRM with the horsepower of a power dialer and XANT was in a class by itself,” explained Jim Click, Jr., Owner of Jim Click Automotive. “By coupling this new technology with the process used by our phone-based Integrated Sales Center, this team has gone from 126 cars sold per month last year to 255.5 per month this year out of roughly the same number of leads.”

XANT agreed to adding extensive functionality for Jim Click Automotive in exchange for the opportunity to publish month-by-month results and to share specific details about process, scripting, hiring, marketing collateral and technology with other automotive dealers.It has now packaged this full suite of technology, process, and consulting in a new product called ResponseDealer™.

“We are grateful that Jim Click Automotive Group has helped us showcase our Lead Response Management (LRM) technology,” says Chad Rawlings, Director of Automotive Channel Sales at XANT. ” And the fact that we are allowed to publish the month-by-month results of the year-long case study with detailed processes makes it so that other dealers who are strong on the Web can duplicate these same results.”

About XANT
XANT was the first online lead management CRM with built-inpower dialer technology and the pioneer of Lead Response Management solutions that gained prominence with the recent research from MIT on the impact of immediate response to Web generated leads. Its newest product, ResponseDealer, provides automotive lead generation solutions with embedded dialers. These tools include award-winning Web form callback technology, autodialers, power dialers, inbound call routing systems, voice broadcasting, and lead nurturing solutions.To immediately download a copy of the year–long Jim Click Automotive Study Whitepaper, visit www.XANT.

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Ken Krogue

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