Utah Businesses — Apply Now for the Provo TechX Revenue Xelerator

Two years ago, Roger Andrus, head of the Business Development Corporation of Provo, Utah, ran a little experiment by bringing in a select group of applicants for an intensive, 12-week business mentoring program in conjunction with Griffin-Hill, a respected training organization.

The results were startling.

Overall, each of the companies represented in the 2010 TechX Revenue Xelerator were on pace to do an average of 28% more business than the year before. The next year, a new group of companies attended.

The results were just as remarkable.

With a now-proven track record of success, the Provo Business Development Corporation is ready to start the 2011 edition of the TechX Revenue Xelerator program.

This by-approval-only program provides 12 weeks of FREE one-on-one expert mentoring, with proven methodologies and cutting-edge tools for rapid, substantial, and sustainable revenue results.

The goal for the program is to teach and provide the tools and methodologies to follow a simple formula: Generate More Leads –> Maximize Conversions –> Close More Business.

Classes are held weekly at the Technology Center at Novell, on the Provo, Utah Novell Campus located at 34 East 1700 South.

All Utah companies are encouraged to apply, though special consideration will be given for companies based in Provo, or whose primary operations have a direct effect or connection (distribution, sales, production, etc.) to Provo City.

Participating mentors for the 2011 program include: Griffin Hill Technologies, XANT, Sebo Marketing, LeadGenix, Snapp Conner.com, Launch Sales and Marketing, Press-Media.com, Eagar University, and Corporate Alliance.

The application process closes January 15, and available openings are limited, so don’t wait to apply!

For more information, visit: www.ProvoTechX.com

To apply, go to: www.provotechx.com/our-process/apply-now

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