XANT Certified Administrator for Salesforce a ‘Hot’ Cert for 2011

August 25, 2011 – Provo, UT – XANT, the leading provider of sales automation technology for inside sales professionals today announced the ‘XANT Certified Administrator for Salesforce’ (ISCA-SF.) It is being rolled out in conjunction with Dreamforce 2011, the salesforce.com trade show in San Francisco. This is the first IT system certification in the hot growth industry of inside sales.

“For years we have had notable demand by industry professionals requesting a certification program for IT system administrators,” explained Dave Elkington, CEO of XANT. “Even though we are starting with a traditional IT cert for Admins using our PowerDialer for Salesforce, we are immediately following up with one on our core platform, one for Inside Sales Managers, and one for Sales Operations.”

Mr. Elkington further explained, “The management and operations certs will provide exclusive first insight and training around our soon-to-be-released Neuralytics TM predictive analytics platform. Also included will be training on our LocalPresence capability which increases contact rates by 1 to 4x.”

The ISCA-SF is the first certification to be announced primarily due to the overwhelming demand by Salesforce.com customers for training and certification around its award-winning PowerDialer for Salesforce 4.0, and the newly announced Click-to-Call for Salesforce product.

Immediately following the Dreamforce ’11 announcement will be:

  • XANT Certified Admin (ISCA)
  • XANT Certified Sales Manager (ISCSM)
  • XANT Certified Sales Operations Manager (ISCSOM)
  • XANT Certified Consultant (ISCC)

“Our primary goal is to raise skill and adherence to research-based best practices,” says Ken Krogue, President and Co-Founder, “and the obvious goal of higher income levels and job opportunities for sales representatives, business development, lead generation, and marketers who support the inside sales function. System-based certifications for these are not far behind.”

This announcement by XANT comes only months behind the Certified Inside Sales Professional Accreditation program (CISP®) by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP), the nationally recognized association for the inside sales industry.

“We are so excited to see leading industry vendors improve job demand and pay opportunities for inside sales professionals and for the often overlooked sales operations and marketing staff of the inside sales industry,” says Bob Perkins, Founder and CEO of AA-ISP. “The timing is important in our current economy to offer improved job and income opportunities in what is already the highest growth area of sales.”

According to a recent study, inside sales jobs growth will outpace traditional sales by 1500%. The ISCA-SF program is designed to train, qualify and help facilitate that job demand through 2013 and beyond. The first class of graduates will enter the job force at the end of the third quarter, 2011.

About XANT

XANT was recently voted the AA-ISP Service Provider of 2011 by the AA-ISP national membership for the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Productivity Tools categories. XANT has been the leading provider of inside sales automation and lead management software solutions for over seven years. The company sponsored landmark university research in 2007 the showed the need for the Lead Response Management industry which now comprises more than a dozen vendors offering immediate and persistent response services and solutions. A recent article in Inc. and research done in conjunction with Harvard Business Review have placed XANT as the clear leader in the space of sales intelligence and predictive analytics for companies who sell remotely.

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