XANT is Here: Inside the Rebrand

Today we officially announced our new brand XANT, to the world.

Since our inception we knew the name InsideSales.com could be confusing – ‘do you mean the company – or the function?’ All kidding aside, we’ve evolved over time and we’ve needed a better representation of our ideas, mission and vision.

With a new CEO and leadership team (CMO, CFO, chief customer officer, head of data & analytics, head of sales operations) on board in the past quarter, it was time for a refresh. We’re changing how B2B enterprises buy and sell to each other, and InsideSales.com didn’t capture that. XANT, with an updated website, logo and visuals, does. 

A play on the word cognizant, XANT embodies how our data and platform makes sales organizations “all-knowing.” Our name reflects the hyper-aware, informed sales organization that our solutions enable.

Why we rebranded

We realized companies knew the InsideSales.com name, but didn’t understand who we really were and what we were capable of. Our name failed to capture the breadth of our solutions and larger vision for the future of B2B sales.

The reason we exist is because CRM is unable to drive revenue despite all of its promises, even with the implementation of modern AI tools. CRM systems capture historical, transactional data and rely on individuals to supply most of it. Since AI is dependent on that limited and incomplete set of data, its recommendations often lack effective insights. Liken it to the navigation mobile app Waze. Waze works so well because it’s powered by data from all the drivers using it. If it used only your data, it’d be pretty worthless.

AI and CRM alone cannot accelerate revenue. XANT can, because our solutions rely on Real Data: a combination of CRM data, AI algorithms, and our proprietary, crowdsourced data (the secret sauce). This data is from what we call the Collective Human Experience. It’s accumulated across our entire customer base and includes over 6 trillion global sales data points. It’s what makes our Revenue Acceleration Cloud and the sales organizations that use it “all knowing” (or cognizant, hence XANT).

Think of XANT as Waze for B2B sales.

Our focus as XANT will be on Real Data from real people and the unlimited potential of our ever-growing dataset.

What did we change?

We started with our redefined company vision: to pioneer the future of growth, and our redefined brand identity: to put people first. This was the foundation for our refresh.

We updated our logo, website, and all the elements of our brand identity to be bright, clean, optimistic and modern. The imagery and website is aspirational, forward-looking and human-focused to show our customers that our solutions are here to help.

Finally, as a new company we launched the Revenue Acceleration Cloud, the new name for our total set of offerings – the platform, core services, and applications that provide unmatched revenue insights through the most potent combination of data available today.

What didn’t change?

From the beginning, our use of collective intelligence and data from across all our customers have been unrivaled. That will never change. We will continue to pioneer the use of collective data for B2B sales – similar to how consumer technologies like Waze, Netflix, and Amazon are fueled. We are committed to changing how B2B enterprises function and how AI, powered by Real Data fueled by buyer behaviors, can help sellers better connect and engage with buyers to close more of the right kind of deals.

So, there you have it. An inside look at our rebrand. XANT, pioneering the future of growth for B2B enterprise buying and selling, by putting people first.

Matt Langie
Chief Marketing Officer

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