InsideSales in Top 4 Marketing AI Startups

Sales acceleration leader InsideSales was one of AI Insider’s “Top 4 marketing A.I. Startups”.  The top marketing Artificial Intelligence startups list is based on research conducted by research firm CB Insights.

The CB Insights research also appeared in Fortune Magazine, which listed the top 50 startups in an infographic.

InsideSales Among Top Marketing AI Startups

InsideSales is one of the leading companies in the “Ad Sales, CRM” category along with Appier, Drawbridge and Persado. A.I. Insider recommends InsideSales as a “bottom of the funnel” technology to aid in the conversion of leads. Its AI powered platform

InsideSales received over $264 million in venture capital funding. Microsoft was among the investors who acknowledged that its predictive analytics technology creates outstanding results for sales team.

Using A.I. to Increase Sales Revenue

The InsideSales Neuralytics technology helps sales teams prioritize leads and focus their efforts on the contacts that are more likely to close. The A.I. platform analyzes millions of data points in the Salesforce database and finds transaction patterns. Using these patterns, it can make reccomendations as to best prospects to contact, when to contact them and what sales and marketing strategies are fitting to close the deal. The platform also offers predictive revenue forecasting, market change analysis and risk metrics.

Companies using the InsideSales platform see an increase in revenue of up to 30% in as little as 90 days.

Venture capital firms invested over $5 billion in artificial intelligence startups in 2016, according to AI research firm CB Insights. A.I. startups investment has risen every year since 2012, with 2016 being a record year (60 percent increase to the previous year).

Why AI Goes MainStream in 2017

According to recent research from InsideSales, 2017 is the year when Artificial Intelligence technology will know significant adoption. The study “State of AI 2017” breaks down consumer’s use of AI in the home and workplace, and offers new predictions for this emerging technology.

The State of AI 2017 study shows that:

  • 60 percent of consumers already use AI technology on a daily basis (Google Maps and Waze)
  • 50% of consumers use AI powered streaming apps like Netflix and Pandora
  • Only 12% of consumers use AI-fueled assistants like Amazon Alexa

Many consumers believe that AI has the potential to have a significant impact on the future. Forty nine percent believe it will lead to medical advancements, 47 percent believe it will take over dangerous jobs, and 41 percent believe it will help automate mundane tasks.

You can get the entire executive summary of the InsideSales study here.

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