CNBC Interviews Dave Elkington on the Future of Big Data

Dave Elkington on CNBCXANT CEO Dave Elkington appeared on CNBC in London this week to discuss how the company is democratizing big data for sales teams and companies of all sizes.

“Predictive analytics is the next phase of enterprise software,” Elkington told CNBC.

The XANT sales acceleration platform analyzes more than 100 billion sales interactions from leading companies like ADP, Microsoft and Groupon, he noted.

The platform uses these insights to help companies sell smarter, sell faster and sell more.

“You’re going to see anywhere from 50 percent to 100 percent uplift in productivity,” Elkington said. “But more importantly, you’re going to see a 30 percent uplift in revenue, and that can be as quick as 90 days.”

Watch the full CNBC interview here:

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