How Inside Sales Reps Can Create Customized Google+ URLs for Easy Sharing

Create Customized Google+ URLs for Easy Sharing

Like it or not, Google+ is becoming the SEO giant of the social media world. If you’ve read any of my previous articles on or you know that content is the future of SEO—including social media. It’s important that every industry professional, not just within inside sales, start to position themselves as an industry thought leader. This includes grabbing your name on LinkedIn, Twitter and, of course, Google+. For the latter, this is actually a lot more difficult than most would think.

Within LinkedIn and Twitter, users can easily create customized URLs that include their name. If your name is not available, I would suggest you choose something that says something about you. For example, for my profile I might choose something like “KenKrogueSales” had “KenKrogue” been taken. This says a lot more about me than just “KenKrogue123”, for example.

Within the current customization settings on Google+, users are unable to easily point potential social connections to their unique profile. It’s also difficult to share this link via social media or in presentations inviting others to join your circles and expand your social influence.

While Google has announced they are rolling out customized URLs, who knows how long that will take to fully implement the announcement. Currently, this feature is only available to a select few celebrity Google+ users.

My current personal URL for Google+ is Try saying that three times fast. It’s doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. What do these numbers say about who I am and what I do? Absolutely nothing.

Here’s my recommendation.

Use the site. Within bitly, users can create customized, shortened links that point directly to your Google+ profile. Not only is this more user friendly, but it also provides tracking. My customized bitly link for my Google+ profile is This follows every rule that I established in a previous blog article about capturing your name on social media platforms: it’s easy to remember, easy to share, and (as an added bonus) easy to track traffic to that link through the bitly site.

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Have you seen any benefit from using Google+? How are you using this social media platform to increase leads or promote content? Let me know in the comment area below.

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