Inside Sales Best Practices: Quality, Speed and Price – Pick Any Two

As an inside sales professional, the product you sell is catered towards a specific audience. One that wants a quick product at a low cost, a quality product that is fast, or a fast product with a low cost.

Whichever you chose, it’s important as a company your executives define who the company, or the division, is.

While none of you reading this article will probably know who I’m talking about, the famous comedian Red Skelton from NBC said years ago, “Quality, Speed or Price. Pick any two.”

While he may have said this in a tongue and cheek sort of way, it’s often been quoted multiple times since as the honest truth.

Think about it.

If you’re a price and speed based company, the quality of your product is probably going to suffer. If your business caters to an audience where quality is the most important with a low price, you won’t spend much time thinking about speed.

Apple, for example, is concerned with quality and speed. Their customers are willing to pay a slightly higher price because they know they’re getting a quality product that will last. Dell, on the other hand, has a variety of different products that meet an audience catered toward speed and price.

It’s difficult to be all three and few companies have accomplished it. In fact, the only one that comes to mind is Costco. With that in mind, study your target market and figure out what is important to them. Once you’ve defined where your company is going to focus, stick to your decision.

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