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Discover How to Create a Sales Productivity Machine

Discover How to Create a Sales Productivity Machine

Do you want to create a sales productivity machine? First-line sales managers and cutting-edge technology can make it happen. At InsideSales.com, we believe in big data, and we believe in hiring and training great reps. We know that syncing these two can unleash incredible selling power. Last year we examined whether or not companies that [...]

Why Timing Is Everything When Responding to Web Leads

Speed matters when it comes to effectively responding to web leads. InsideSales.com conducted an original research study in 2007 and again in 2012 that found that if a company calls a lead within five minutes of the time the prospect submitted a web form, it is 100 times more likely to get that prospect on [...]

Sales Secrets: The Power of Leading with Research and Relevance

I recently had the privilege to be part of a panel with Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of the UK. While leading the forum, I said, “Mr. Prime Minister, we’ve all heard of the British Invasion. We know about The Beatles. We know about the Rolling Stones. But, I wonder how many people in [...]

How to Measure Outbound Sales Success

Near the end of last year, it dawned on me that my company, AG Salesworks, didn’t have an index to measure the effectiveness of our outbound sales efforts. We had great data; we were meticulously tracking all of our outbound teleprospecting reps’ activity, but we didn’t have a solid benchmark. So, I sat down with [...]

3 Obstacles Every Inside Sales Rep Must Overcome

Having worked as an inside sales rep for the last couple of years, I have noticed a few obstacles that frequently trip up salespeople. Common obstacles include: Difficulty reaching prospects Bad leads Staying positive in the face of rejection How can business development reps overcome such obstacles? Many would say it’s all about work ethic. [...]

What Shakespeare Can Teach You About Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics and Shakespeare have more in common than you think. At least, according to Brian Kardon they do. Brian, CMO of Lattice Engines, recently presented a session on predictive analytics at the Inside Sales Virtual Summit. And he invoked some help from Shakespeare. The main takeaway? “The past is prologue.” This quotation from Shakespeare’s [...]

3 Fatal Mistakes Sales Leaders Make

One of the biggest challenges B2B companies face is figuring out how to grow revenue in a predictable, scalable way. Often, a sales team will experience some early success by capitalizing on its existing relationships. But how can you keep moving the sales needle in a strong, steady way? Aaron Ross cracked this code during [...]

Chief Sales Officers Must Embrace Agile Selling, Accenture Says

Chief sales officers face a new set of opportunities and challenges created by technology. Customers enjoy access to more information than ever before. They’re digitally savvy. They are always connected. Social networks, with recommendations from peers and colleagues, are influencing your customers’ buying decisions before you ever have a chance to weigh in on those [...]

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