Menu is the most comprehensive predictive cloud for sales on the market. Integrated with the Neuralytics® platform, the suite of products improves sales activity visibility, automates workflows, and drives actionable insights through predictive analytics to accelerate the complete sales lifecycle from lead engagement to opportunity close.

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The predictive cloud accelerates the sales lifecycle through six core capabilities:


Sales Communications

Leverage data intelligence to power inbound/outbound phone communications for sales teams with single-click dialing, local caller-id display, dynamically prioritized lists, and automatic data capture to CRM.


Engagement Tracking

Track website and email engagement, provides real-time alerts to sales reps, automatically syncs to CRM, and prescribes who to contact, when and with what content.



Make the sales process visual, competitive and fun by motivating sales reps with game mechanics, data intelligence, and broadcasted results.


Forecast and Pipeline

Focus sales efforts and manage pipeline planning and forecasting with prescriptive insights.


Predictive Analytics

Prescriptively target sales and conversion efforts by likelihood to contact and likelihood to close based on a sales team’s historical outcomes.



Predict sales success before you hire by identifying sales candidates who will hit quota.

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