9 Champions of Predictive Technology at Dreamforce 2015

Predictive TechnologiesCompanies no longer need a crystal ball to see into the future.

Predictive technology is here, and it took over this year’s Dreamforce. Just last week, we at XANT launched the world’s first Predictive Cloud to enable any company to super-charge their business with the power of prediction.

Predictive tech is no longer a simple buzz. It’s a roaring boom and the expo floor was bustling with companies joining the predictive revolution.

Here are nine of our favorite predictive tech sightings:

1. Everstring


It was fun to see their ever-cheerful booth rep.

2. Radius


Radius’ reps were so busy they didn’t even have a chance to sit.

(No guarantee we didn’t rest our feet and borrow their chairs).


XANT Dreamforce Booth

And, of course, the famous cheetah is bringing the power of prediction to the entire sales funnel. #likeaboss

The beauty of this year’s Dreamforce was how much engagement came from Twitter with #DF15.

Even in the Twitterverse, predictive analytics took hold:

4. Mobile phones and predictive tech? Sounds like a fit to us.


5. This probably came in handy with all the traffic from Dreamforce.


6. Yogi Berra’s infinite wisdom.


7. We’ll go one step further and say predictive analytics will revolutionize the business world.


8. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


9. Marc’s vision

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