Dave Elkington Discusses Predictive Analytics for Sales at Dreamforce

Dave Elkington at DreamforceXANT CEO Dave Elkington revealed the value of predictive analytics for sales teams during his presentation at Dreamforce 2015 on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

“This room isn’t sold out based on my charisma,” Elkington said. “The reason you’re all in here – unless you’re a competitor who’s trying to figure out what we’re doing – is that you want to find out how it can help you sell more.”

The real value of predictive analytics is that it removes intuition from the sales process and enables your team to make better decisions with data.

For example, one of the key patterns we’ve identified is that most sales organizations invest way too much effort on leads that have little to no chance of ever closing. By refocusing your efforts on the best leads, you can dramatically increase your results.

Hear Elkington’s full presentation on Persicope, here. Hurry, though, because the recording will only remain live for 24 hours. 

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