Ready to Become a Playmaker?

For years, being in the sales industry has meant just playing a simple numbers game. Pick random numbers in your contact lists, and call away until you reach somebody. Then pray to God they have a need for your product or service. It’s time for a no-nonsense, data-driven approach to sales. It’s time to become a #playmaker.

What Are Playmakers?

What’s a playmaker, you ask? It’s the new kind of salesperson.

Modern salespeople don’t just ‘hope’ that some of their contacts will pick up the phone or answer their email to say they want to buy. They rely on data and science to target the right contacts, at the right time, with the right message and they consistently hit quota.

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How Technology Changes the Sales Game

How is this possible? Through the implementation of AI-powered technology, salespeople are not able to gain insights into what sales tactics work best. The XANT System of Growth is powered by Neuralytics, an AI engine built for sales on 10 years of data science and 6 trillion cross-company sales interaction data points.

Neuralytics uses machine learning and other methods to processes the trillions of data points that have been gathered and anonymized through the XANT platform. Using AI, sales reps can answer specific and valuable sales questions, such as:

  1. Which lead is most likely to close?
  2. Will this opportunity close this quarter?
  3. How much quota attainment will a sales team achieve?

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Become a Playmaker with XANT

XANT has the data and the research to transform the way you sell. We’ve created an amazing Facebook community where modern salespeople can connect and share sales strategies that work for their industry. Our Playmakers sales Facebook group is buzzing with sales reps, sales managers and executives looking to take their sales game to the next level.

Join the group to:

  • Share the sales strategies that work for your industry, and find out hundreds more from other playmakers
  • Get to know some of the best salespeople in the game
  • Gain access to relevant sales research, so you can apply a scientific method to your sales process

Join our group during the Dreamforce conference (November 6-9), we’ll be giving out prizes every single day that week!

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