Ken Krogue & Steve Richard Discuss Sales in the Cloud at Dreamforce

Ken Krogue and Steve RichardXANT President Ken Krogue and Steve Richard from Vorsight teamed up at Dreamforce 2015 to deliver a presentation called “Sales in the Cloud.”

Let’s buzz through the highlights — and we’ll provide a link to the recording for those who want to take in the full presentation.

Ken reminded the audience that inside sales really took off after the market crash of 2008 because the inside sales model is more efficient and effective.

Face-to-face selling still provides the highest conversion rates. But inside sales reps make 7 times more contacts, so that provides them their edge.

The best model is actually a hybrid model that combines the best elements of inside and outside sales, and that’s where the industry is headed.

Ken pointed out that it’s still all about the leads. Invest in your leads and respond to them quickly and persistently. That’s the winning formula.

If you can respond to a web lead within 5 minutes, your odds of contacting that lead increase by 100 times and it is 21 times more likely to enter your sales funnel.

Steve mentioned that the two most effective lead sources are:

  • Referrals
  • Old client, new company

He urged sales leaders to create systems that focus on generating these types of leads.

Steve also emphasized that your best sales strategy is to adopt a culture of testing and continuous improvement.

You can watch the full presentation on Persicope: here. But hurry, because the recording will only remain live for a few more hours.

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