XANT Showcases Vision for a “Sales Revolution”

SILICON SLOPES, Utah – May 18, 2016 – XANT, the leading cloud-based sales acceleration technology company, today outlined its vision for a Sales Revolution aimed at helping companies sell more through the expanded application of data and science to sales. This new vision for a Sales Revolution, unveiled at the company’s Accelerate 16 conference, brings together a unique blend of data, products, services and partnerships to help sales teams accelerate sales, grow revenue and improve profitability. “As we work with sales organizations across nearly every industry around the world, we see patterns in the challenges these organizations all face,” noted Dave Elkington, CEO and founder of  XANT. “For example, sales organizations are under pressure, especially given today’s market conditions, to become more profitable. In order to do that, many of them are moving or expanding upmarket, pursuing larger, more complex deals. We’re also seeing a continued evolution in the balance between accounts and opportunities that can be won and serviced by inside sales teams, versus traditional field sales organizations. These megatrends are driving a profound revolution in sales.” Elkington, speaking at Accelerate 16 in Park City, Utah, pointed out several data, science and service trends that are fueling this new movement. As companies move more and more of their sales data into CRM platforms, where the data can be accessed, normalized and analyzed, they are able to gain insights about how to make their sales teams more efficient. Every layer of sales technology added onto CRM platforms – such as XANT’s industry-leading sales acceleration solutions – generates additional insight opportunities. The emerging application of predictive analytics and machine learning to these growing data sets is helping to unleash more sales growth. In support of this sea of change, XANT announced at Accelerate 16 several catalysts to ignite the Sales Revolution:

  • New account-based sales acceleration platform: The company showed an early preview of two new sales acceleration solutions designed to extend the Sales Revolution to sales teams involved in account-based selling.
  • Solution Integration Insiders™ Partner Program: The company announced a new program for regional and global system integrators and referral partners to participate in and benefit from the Sales Revolution by extending exciting new sales growth opportunities to their customer base. Partners in this program bring crucial value-added services to help their customers unlock even more sales growth.

How the Sales Revolution Accelerates Sales By bringing to bear the twin forces of data + science, through its own offerings and the products, data and services of partners, XANT’s vision for this new Sales Revolution is to fuel accelerated and expanded sales growth in three key ways:

  • Expanded visibility: Sales executives, managers, and sales reps gain greater visibility about all aspects of their current customers and sales prospects, as well as about the performance of their own sales functions and people.
  • Enhanced productivity: By enabling reps to raise activity levels through increased motivation and automation.
  • Increased effectiveness: Through the application of science, including predictive analytics, automated voicemails and other smart selling tools, as well as data-driven sales best practices, sales organizations can become more effective and reduce unit cost economics.

The application of data + science will drive a Sales Revolution across the full sales funnel, from prospecting to qualifying and developing opportunities, to forecasting and closing opportunities, to ensuring customer success and helping them to renew and expand. The Sales Revolution Creates “Sales Superheroes” Across the Whole Sales Organization As the Sales Revolution brings the benefits of data + science to the entire sales funnel, key stakeholders across the entire sales organization will benefit, becoming “sales superheroes” in their respective businesses:

  • Sales executives will be empowered with data, insights and predictive power to make better and faster decisions
  • Sales managers across all sales functions will get X-ray vision into the mechanics of their teams, down to the individual level, to help them unleash performance improvements and better decisions

Front-line revenue producers, including sales development reps, sales reps, account reps and field reps, will be empowered to meet and exceed their performance targets more efficiently. For more information about the Sales Revolution, visit www.www.insidesales.com.

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