Top 5 Celebrity Sightings at Dreamforce 2015

Sometimes as conference attendees are rushing from one session to another, or meandering around looking at the different booths, they’ll spot a notable face in the crowd.

Dreamforce is known to attract some very big names. Let’s see who’s been spotted in the crowds this week.

1. Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

XANT CEO Dave Elkington got a chance to chat with the CEO of the world’s largest software company.
Dave and Micro

2. Roh Habibi, Million Dollar Listing San Francisco

If you spot someone dressed to the nines, there’s a good chance you’ve spotted Roh Habibi.
Dreamforce celebrities

3. Joe Montana, NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback

“The Comeback Kid” at Dreamforce? You better believe it!

4. Stevie Wonder, Musician

One of the most recognizable and talented icons in music, Stevie Wonder serenaded the audience prior to Marc Benioff’s keynote.
Stevie Wonder

5. Marc Benioff

A list of Dreamforce celebrity sightings wouldn’t be complete without Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff. Here he is with our CEO, Dave.


Catch Us XANT

What are your favorite highlights from Dreamforce 2015? Share your photos using the hashtag  #DF15Top10.

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