4 Strategies for Training Employees on Salesforce & Other SaaS Products

Shell Black at Dreamforce

At Dreamforce 2015, Shell Black shared some valuable strategies that can help you implement Salesforce and other SaaS products more effectively.

Here are some of the highlights of his presentation, titled “Strategies for Training End Users”:

1. Who moved my cheese?

  • Change makes people nervous and uncomfortable.
  • Communicate the “Why” and “WIIFM” (What’s in it for me) with any implementation.

2. Management: They have to own it.

  • Your company is implementing more than a product; they are implementing a new business process.
  • This gives management an opportunity to reset the bar on expectations.

3. Don’t throw end users in the deep end.

    • Training is not “one size fits all.” Know your audience. Train different functional groups separately.
    • Make training relevant to the end user’s role within the company.
    • People learn by doing. Create hands-on “Day in the Life” exercises.

4. Offer office hours

Schedule a standing weekly one-hour conference call to answer user questions.

What are your favorite highlights from Dreamforce 2015? Join the conversation using the hashtag  #DF15Top10.

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