Top 10 Game-Changing Women Rocking Dreamforce 2015

Several game-changing women will be making a splash at Dreamforce 2015 as they deliver keynote addresses and participate in the Women’s Leadership Summit.

Here are 10 high-profile ladies to look out for:

Jessica Alba- Founder, The Honest Company

1. Jessica Alba – Founder, The Honest Company

While most of us may know her from the silver screen, Jessica Alba is making a name for herself in the business world, too. She has recently earned a spot on Forbe’s list of “America’s Richest Self-Made Women,” and it is remarkable because she earned her spot from her work in a completely different field than her initial career of acting.

Susan Wojcicki- CEO, Youtube

2. Susan Wojcicki – CEO, Youtube

Susan Wojcicki was recently named #9 on the Forbe’s list of The World’s Most Powerful Women. As the CEO of the world’s largest video platform, we aren’t going to argue with that.



julia hartz, Dreamforce 2015, XANT

3. Julia Hartz – Co-founder and President, Eventbrite

Julia Hartz has transformed a mobile ticketing app into one of the world’s largest marketplaces. With a value of over $1 billion, her company has earned a place in the “Unicorn Startup Club.”


Lauren Boyle, Dreamforce, XANT

4. Lauren Boyle – European Digital Girl of the Year

While Lauren is only 10 years old, she is already making a mark on the world and deserved a spot on this list. She is the current European Digital Girl of the Year, and has won a slew of coding competitions.


Lyndsey Scott, Dreamforce, XANT

5. Lyndsey Scott – Actress, Model and App Developer 

In the modeling world, one of Lyndsey Scott’s claims to fame is that in 2009, she was the first African-American to have an exclusive contract with designer Calvin Klein. In the coding world, Lyndsey can boast of being one of the top-rated answerers on the No. 1 programming site Stack Overflow, and has co-starred in videos teaching children how to code with Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

Goldie Hawn, Dreamforce, XANT

6. Goldie Hawn – Founder, The Hawn Foundation

To just name a few of her accomplishments, Goldie Hawn is widely known as an actress, producer, author and children’s advocate. Her charity has helped countless families by teaching children the social and emotional tools to lead healthier and happier lives.

Mary Moloney, Dreamforce, XANT

7. Mary Moloney – CEO, CoderDojo

Mary Moloney is the CEO of CoderDojo, a foundation with a focus of helping kids to learn how to code. With more than 700 free coding clubs in 57 countries, reaching 35,000 children, she has quite the sphere of influence.


Dr Laura Esserman, Dreamforce, XANT

8. Dr. Laura Esserman, MD, UCSF School of Medicine

Dr. Esserman is one of the nation’s leading experts in breast cancer research and treatment, and is a passionate advocate for her patients. She is dedicated to finding effective and needed preventative and treatment options for those who are fighting cancer.


Sophia Amoruso, Dreamforce, XANT

9. Sophia Amoruso – Founder, Nasty Gal

From starting on eBay in 2006 to growing to a $100 million company, Nasty Gal is the fastest growing e-commerce site in the U.S. Sophia Amoruso has already come out with a book and her company’s influence over social media has earned her the title of the “Cinderella of tech.”



Lindsey Armstrong, Dreamforce, XANT

10. Lindsey Armstrong – SVP of International Strategy, XANT

Lindsey Armstrong’s work speaks for itself. While at Veritas, she helped the company’s EMEA revenues jump from $20 million to more than $2 billion, and at Salesforce she established teams in Europe, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA), Latin America and the Pacific. She currently sits on the boards of SalesHood and Bluewolf, and is an incredible asset to XANT as the SVP of International Strategy. 

Want to hear what these women have to say? Tune into their sessions and make sure to take notes.

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