Dave Elkington Discusses Predictive Cloud With MergerMarket at Dreamforce 2015

Dave Elkington

Dave Elkington

During Dreamforce 2015 in San Francisco, XANT CEO Dave Elkington sat down with MergerMarket reporter Chris Metinko to discuss the Predictive Cloud, an open platform that enables organizations to leverage big data, predictive analytics and machine learning to transform the way organizations scale revenue and optimize core business processes.

Elkington explained how the Predictive Cloud can be applied to accelerate the full sales cycle, from lead to close, and prescribe specific sales activities to help companies increase revenues.

The Predictive Cloud is backed by the power of Neuralytics, a real-time, self-learning predictive engine.

This breakthrough technology can be used in three main ways:

1.  Predictive-as-a-platform

Through the Predictive Cloud Open API, independent software vendors (ISVs) can now tap into the Predictive Cloud to add predictive functionality into their apps.

2.  Predictive-as-a-service

Companies can tap into the Predictive Cloud to scale revenue and improve internal processes and operations.

3. Sales acceleration apps

Thousands of companies are already leveraging the power of the Predictive Cloud to accelerate sales via XANT sales acceleration apps for sales communications, email and web tracking, predictive forecasting, lead and opportunity scoring, sales gamification and sales hiring.

To demonstrate the power of the Predictive Cloud’s open platform, XANT has partnered with several visionary companies to develop breakthrough, predictive apps. Companies building first-generation predictive apps include CloudBilt, CloudCraze, and Dynamic Signal.

With nearly 100 billion data points spanning from sales transactions and stock market data to weather, gas prices, sports and beyond, XANT’s unique blend of contextual, temporal and real-time data makes it the best resource for insights that can accelerate sales and play a vital role in initiatives outside the business arena.

XANT’s Predictive Cloud is available in tech preview to select partners, with a broader public launch anticipated in 2016. XANT is providing a demonstration of this ground-breaking, new technology at Dreamforce 2015.

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