Top 10 Fun Facts About the Dreamforce Dreamboat

If you’re in San Francisco this week, you might have seen the giant ship docked at Pier 27.

The Dreamboat rented the luxury cruise ship, Celebrity Infinity, to add a little more space for Dreamforce attendees.

Dubbed Dreamboat, the cruise ship will serve as a bayside hotel for Dreamforce registrants.

Here are 10 fun facts you probably didn’t know about Celebrity Infinity.

1. Celebrity Infinity was originally built in St. Nazaire, France.

2. Her maiden voyage was March 3, 2001.

3. The Infinity has a two-story dining room and two-story theater.

Celebrity Infinity Theater

4. She’s the first cruise ship to serve as a stationary hotel in San Francisco.

5. While the ship will house 1,100 attendees during Dreamforce, her actual capacity is 2,170.

Dreamforce Dreamboat







6. The boat can safely carry 11,788 metric tons. That’s the equivalent of more than 2,200 adult African elephants.

7. Infinity has a restaurant containing original fixtures and china from the SS United States, the legendary ocean liner that still holds the transatlantic speed record.

Salesforce Dreamboat







8. Celebrity Infinity has two Rolls-Royce Mermaid propulsion units that help it reach speeds of 28 mph.

9. Infinity is 964.6 feet long. That’s over three football fields in length!

Dreamboat Deck







10. Her port of registry is Valletta, Malta, a Southern European island country in the Mediterranean Sea.

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ISDC Dreamforce

Theater image credit: Donna S

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