LogMeIn Looks to Bring Sales Success to European Teams With XANT

LogMeIn XANTXANT measures its success by the success of its customers.

Whenever they win, so do we.

Computerworld UK recently published a feature on XANT, discussing how its focus on predictive analytics is changing the sales industry.

The article also contains a case study on LogMeIn, outlining how its sales teams are winning thanks to XANT technology.

Chris Perrotti, LogMeIn’s senior director of sales systems, mentioned that his sales team has increased call rates by around 30 percent thanks to XANT tools like PowerDialer and PowerStandings.

LogMeIn’s European salespeople are also benefiting from XANT technology.

European salespeople are realizing how prescriptive tools can help free up their time and drive better call rates.

You can read the full article at Computerworld UK.

Download this free ebook to learn how XANT technology can help you sell more. 

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Free eBook: The Science of Lead Scoring, Prioritization & Sales Success

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